YouGov Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?

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YouGov is one of the most popular paying website survey all over the world.

About YouGov
1-like most of other survey website you can earn money from taking easy surveys about thing you know
2-it is working world wide so everyone can use it simply without having any issue
3-Earn points which you can later redeem for real cash or gift cards or even donate to charity
4-The most common surveys you will find ( movies, restaurants, Technology, consumer products, current events and other industries)
5-They tell you how long will the survey take from you as an average
6-They email you when there are available survey so you don`t have to wait or check the website
7- once you got email for new survey you have to make it otherwise it will not be available and will gone
8- there are 2 welcome survey where you can earn 100 points from them as a start gift
9- Surveys takes around 7-15 minutes as an average

How to Get Start?