Yannik.biz Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?

I got my payment from Yannik.biz faucet. They pay differently unlike other sites. I used 1 hour = 23 Satoshi and it works for me. You can claim 30 minutes= 14 sat if that suits for you.
Other claim rates:
after 4 hours = 43 Satoshi
after 1 Day = 80 Satoshi
Minimum withdrawl amount is 10000 satoshi and you need to have faucethub account. They will take away 2% during withdrawl. Or you can claim 30010 satoshi with your bitcoin address. But I don’t like that or i think it is stupid to wait for long time to reach that threshold amount. They have bonus system of 5% per 24 hours. So you can try it. Payment is instant, Not auto. Referral link can be found in Stats page.