WdUpload Reviews : SCAM or LEGIT?

What is WDUpload?
WDUpload is a file hosting platform where there is a free account and premium account. The free account, as usual, you can upload files, but aside from waiting long period of time to download, it’s going to be a slow and tedious process.

Company Behind
The company that is backing up this cloud storage platform is Dedicated Storage Ltd with physical address at Kam Hon Industrial Building, 8 Wang Kwun Rd, Kowloon Bay,Hong Kong and with contact number at +852 3465 1866 according to published company information on the website itself.

Technical Specifications
They got their domain name registered in June 2015 from NameCheap, Inc., using domain whois anonymity services from WhoisGuard, Inc., using DDOS attack protection services from Cloud Flare, Inc. and of course has it’s own dedicated server according to reverse DNS (Domain Name Servers) lookup executed on it’s dedicated IP (Internet Protocol) address.

Benefits And Features
The platform boasts of having access to infinity hard drive which is a cloudified hard disk that part of the files are stored on that website and most are stored on the cloud, it allows access from anywhere all the files that you have uploaded via a browser, there’s security and safety functionalities built in with each uploaded file, it offers 24/7 customer support, it has easy to use and user-friendly control panel, and files uploaded are fully encrypted.

Premium Membership
Premium membership offers unlimited parallel downloads and high-speed downloads with prices every month ranging from €14.95 to €73.95 of which the latter price is for a year file hosting. Premium accounts can be paid via Paypal or Bitcoin. You will have 1 terrabyte of cloud storage, instant and resumable download at fastest speeds, no advertisements on download pages and no waiting time, you can upload up to 10 gigabyte file size, and you can also set passwords on every file uploaded and shared.

Making Money
You can earn money by sharing your affiliate link all over the internet and as a free member, you start with 1 terabyte of bandwidth and 1 terabyte file storage. Your earned commissions from sales of premium membership are payable via Paypal, bank transfer, bitcoin, and web money. It was not mentioned how much percentage of commission you’re going to earn.



  • Finally, a 1 Terabyte file hosting account

  • Premium account options

  • Freemium account is allowed to make money referring premium members


  • Slow and long waiting time with ads for free accounts