Uploadship.com Reviews : SCAM or LEGIT?

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Aug 6, 2019

Join my ref link -https://www.uploadship.com/?aff=3cd4b5c313004572

  1. Hello.

Greetings to members, administrators and visitors of this forum

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  1. specifications:

-PPD rates ( $150/10k ).
-High Quality Server.
-Media Player ( Video/Audio ).
-Image Viewer.
-No Spam with ads, No Pop ads we are using adsense.

Earn Money:

Check the Rewards Page >> ((Rewards))

***We will upgrade our referral system to the following:
Will earn %rate for referrals on the:
PPS - %rate.
PPD - %rate.
Rebill - %rate

Premium account:
-Storage Space: Unlimited, you can upload anything you want.
-Files Storage Time: For Ever, We will not remove your files.
-Multi-File upload: You can upload multiple files, up to 5000 file at once.
-Uploads Per Day: Unlimited uploads 24/7.
-Per File Size: 100GB each file.
-Advertisement: You will not see any ads.
-Download time: No need to wait, Instant downloads.
**We have high premium prices because we are not using any pop ads, or any spam ads, we are using adsense.
Also we are offering high PPD rate.

Check the plans >> ((Plans))

Special Offer
We offer a FREE premium account for anyone want.

***Important: If you apply for a free premium account, you will not earn money from downloads on your files, (PPD).

Why we provide a free Premium accounts?
There’s a lot of people and site owners who don’t care about earning money from the PPD System. So we will be more than happy to provide a FREE premium accounts to them.

Check it out >> ((Free Premium))

Payments & Withdrawal

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  1. You can Pay and Receive through:

PayPal: $5 Min.
Bank Transfer: $50 Min.
Request Payment: Min. is depending on the requested payment method.

By now you can request any payment method by contacting us.
**We are working on adding a lot of new payment methods Like Skrill, Neteller…etc.

User Control Panel.
The user can manage his own files easily, creating a new folders…etc.

These are the stats, by pointing to any of these in the control panel it will show what is for.
-Account type.
-Last login IP.
-Total active files.
-Total downloads.
-Today downloads.
-Today confirmed legal PPD downloads.
-Today Pending PPD downloads.
-Today illegal PPD downloads, (If any one cheats…etc)

Very Important
New Upgrade Coming Soon!
-Theme Upgrade.
-System Upgrade.
-App (Andriod/iOS)
-Referral System Upgrade:
We will upgrade our referral system to the following:
Will earn (%rate) for referrals on the:
PPS - %rate.
PPD - %rate.
Rebill - %rate

We will edit and update this thread when the upgrade is done.

Contact Details:
-Website Contact Form.
-email: [email protected]
-Skype: uploadshipfh
-FaceBook: https://facebook.com/UploadShip

Support contact available in 3 languages as primary:

All languages as translate!

Please read the terms carefully.


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