UploadBank.com Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?

What is UploadBank.com?

UploadBank.com is a file storage platform where it accepts .mp4, .zip file, and from the looks of it, is ready to host your files up to the size of two gigabytes up to a maximum of 20 files per upload or per account. It is completely free and doesn’t have any premium features at the time of this writing. You don’t need to register first to upload files, and the platform offers unlimited super fast downloads with no delays whatsoever. They offer straightforward, simple, and clean user interface (UI) to begin with, and every account is supported by ads, and they make it their point to pay on time the uploaders. Adult videos and adult content are allowed. They yet fully adhere to DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) requests. When someone reports child porn, your files or even your account might get deleted. They offer a brand new video player that allows video streaming for .mp4 (MPEG-4 Part 14) extensions. You may upload files up to a maximum file size of two gigabytes though I seen others do it by twenty-megabyte limit. So they can’t really say it’s unlimited. They offer unlimited storage space; this is something I need to see yet. For anonymous uploaders, your uploaded file will be deleted in fifteen days with no downloads and for registered users, thirty days with no downloads.

Company Behind

It seems like this platform is being managed by an individual or groups of the individual but no company is related to this website if ever there is, it’s not clearly displayed and published on the website itself. An individual known only as Lucas is among those who publish news along with the uploadbank team is seen.

Technical Specifications

They got their domain name registered in September 2016 from GoDaddy, LLC and either hosted via VPS (Virtual Private Server) or via a managed dedicated server located at OVH Canada, a cloud computing company. Even if your files are being deleted because of DMCA requests, your earning balance will still remain in your account, and you will get paid upon reaching minimum threshold.

Making Money

You can make money when your file is downloaded by residents of tiers of countries as they have divided it. They offer monetization amount ranging from U.S.$0.70 to U.S.$4.00 per one thousand downloads; even incomplete downloads are counted. They offer maximum downloads of three counts per I.P. (Internet Protocol) address. They offer payout via Bitcoin and WebMoney when you reach payout amount of U.S.$10.00.



  • It’s worth trying since you can upload anonymously

  • Offers free account as a registered user or anonymous guest user


  • Nothing yet at the time of this writing