Uplibra.io Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?

“UPLibra is committed to establishing a Libra OTC trading platform, providing fast, secure and valuable Libra exchange services to users all over the world.” In the future, UpLibra will have its own exchange where Libra can be traded. But it has not launched yet, so for now they only have the Libra Faucet.

Is Uplibra related to Facebook Libra?
Yes and No. As of now, UpLibra is not yet recognized by the Facebook Team and is not in any way related to the Facebook Libra . But UpLibra team has contacted Facebook Team for it, or so they say.

What is LIBRA?
Libra is a global, digitally native, reserve-backed cryptocurrency issued by Facebook built on the foundation of blockchain technology . People will be able to send, receive, spend, and secure their money, enabling a more inclusive global financial system.

Libra is a kind of stablecoin like USDT and fully backed by a reserve of real assets. A basket of currencies and assets will be held in the Libra Reserve for every Libra that is created, building trust in its intrinsic value. As of now, LIBRA is not yet available.

Libra is also listed on Coinmarketcap —> CHECK HERE for price and other details

UpLibra is a faucet where you can get Libra for every claim.

Approximate Amount of Claim: 0.001 to 10 LIBRA
Claim Time: Every hour
Withdraw and Deposit: Not yet open. Mainnet Launching not yet done. But, UpLibra promised to launch its own mainnet soon.


  1. Register with UPLIBRA and get 3 Libra for sign up.
  2. Claim Libra every hour!

WARNING! Please be warned that you may have to register and login via your Facebook Account. Please proceed at your own risk. UpLibra is not in any way related to FB at the moment!

Although UpLibra promised they will not use users’ info, STILL BE CAUTIOUS!