TronLink Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?

TronLink is one of the TRON-backed official wallets, if not, the best TRON wallet out there!

DidYouKnow? Justin Sun is the founder of the TronNetwork and the CEO of BTT! Have you heard of him?

NOTE: Please remember that TronLink only supports TRX based tokens. This is not the right wallet for your ERC20 tokens, ETH and BTC!!!

Examples of TRX assets:

  • Tron
  • USDT
  • BTT
  • WINk
  • HORA

Where to use TRON and other assets?

  • DApps such as Wink for gambling
  • Exchange it in the TRX Market to other TRX assets
  • Transfer to Cryptocurrency Exchanges and trade
  • Used to receive certain Tron supported airdrops, scroll in the comments for current promotions

As TRON supports a lot of DApps, TronLink will be the best wallet for that! Also there’s not much to be stressed about when using TronLink, just use it casually like you always do with other wallets.

Receiving, transfers and fees

  • Receiving and Transfers:
    • Use your TRX address from Mainchain. Just that one address is needed to receive funds from Wink, BTT, etc.
  • Fees:
    • Bandwidth and energy is kinda the form of fee used in TronNetwork. Everyday, users can receive 5000 Bandwidth which can be used up to 20 transactions. If for some reason you will need more, users can freeze some of your TRX to gain more bandwidth.
    • Same for Energy, we have to freeze some TRX to gaine energy. Energy is only used for TRC20 DApps so don’t worry much about it.
    • In other words, transactions are free but is limited to 20 transactions only.