Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?


Trickylink is a little different from traditional link shorteners as it not only shortens your link but also allows you to monetize it. This way, besides having a short link you can also make money from it by letting trickylink insert advertising into your links.

This makes trickylink a way to earn money online, just depending on whether your shortened links get a lot of views, as the amount paid is through CPM. So the more views your links get, the more money goes to you!

It’s that simple, and you don’t even have to have a blog to use the service, that is, who is not a blogger can also profit from trickylink

What does Trickylink have to offer?

  • We have one of the best payment rates - Earn up to $25 per 1000 views.
  • Worldwide Deal (All Countries) - $3
  • Minimum Payout - $3
  • Payment Frequency - Daily
  • 25% Referral Bonus
  • Payment Methods - PayPal, Skrill (2% fees), Wire Transfer (For All Countries), Paytm (India), UPI (India), Google Pay (india), Payoneer (2% Fee)