TreasureTrooper Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?

Hello guys! :cool:

Just in case you’re looking for some quick ways to make money online you must read my review about TreasureTrooper, a free program that pay to complete offers and surveys and much more.

Let’s begin with the basic stuff, so after you register for free you have lots, and I mean lots of offers and surveys that range from $0,50 to $50 to complete, yep you read correct, you’ll receive $50 for one offer. As of their system there are to be made over $3,000 just from offers. Sounds good if you ask me :D

You also get paid to shop online , just in case you want a PC Antivirus for example, you can get it from this program and get paid for it, you save money and lots of shopping deals for many products you see. Now to be frank the site is open for everyone, no matter where you from, you can join, it’s free and you can begin filling surveys, complete offers etc and get paid for it, but those who are from USA, Canada and United Kingdom are going to make some good money because most of high paying offers are available to residents of these countries. Yep, and I’m not from US, CA or UK :(

Talking about offers, the top paying offers are those trial offers and credit card offers , so after you register look for these offers and take them. But don’t hurry, because after you complete an offer you must click the “Done” button, than wait few days to be approved by advertiser, once it’s approved you can see your earnings in your account available for cashout.

The finest way to make money with this program is to make use of their referral system which pays big money, I rarely see so big commissions but from this site you get 20% from your direct referrals(these are friends you refer to this program) and 5% from second level (these are earnings from your friends referrals) and there’s no referrals limit , I’ve seen some people making couple hundreds of dollars every month just because they have referred many people to this program. That’s indeed smart and awesome :cool:

Cashout , I personally enjoy to get my hands on the money I earn online , this program pays once you gather in your account $20 , payment can be delivered instant via PayPal or you can wait and be paid automatically on the 15-20th of each month by Check.