Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?

Transcriptionpuppy pays proofreaders as much as $5.4 per audio hour + $1.2 / audio hour bonus for multiple files that needs to be merged together. This was my very first legit work experience online. One thing I like most from this company is that the transcriptions to be proofread are not assigned. Proofreaders have the freedom to pick the transcriptions they wanted to edit whenever they are free.

As a proofreader, my job is just to listen to the audio and check the accuracy of transcription submitted by the transcribers and correct any mistakes. It is a very easy legit work. They have the technology to detect frauds such as letting the audio play by itself without editing the work and submitting the file without listening until the end of the audio. The consequence is immediate termination of the contract. Thus, one has to read and abide by the rules. I have earned $64.02 within three months from my spare time.

So, if you are willing to listen to audio, fill any missing parts, you may apply at as a proofreader.