Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?

Toplevelfaucet Features

:heavy_check_mark: 19 Supported Coins

:heavy_check_mark: Shortlinks Wall - They have 15 different Shortlinks to chouse. In average every Shortlink is 50 claims

:heavy_check_mark: Manual Faucet - You can earn 10 Claims every 4 minutes

:heavy_check_mark: Auto faucet - You can claim one random coin every 30 seconds. This faucet is great for levelling up - All claims are sent automatically into you ExpressCrypto account

:heavy_check_mark: PTC wall - 10 claims per watched ad
For the auto faucet, there is no withdrawal limit but if you want to claim only one coin you need to accumulate at least 1000 COINS for withdrawing. You can withdraw your balance of coins in 4 cryptocurrencies - DGB, XVG, TRX, STRATIS. (I never used this option and I don’t even know how someone can earn coins when everything is calculated in claims…).
Rewards on this faucet are not very high and I recommend using this faucet only for level up on ExpressCrypto or for collecting bonuses for daily ranking and a potentially big reward for one of the top 3 places.