Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?


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Report is a big scam. WARNING dont waste yout time and money.

We have lost over 30.000 USD. They never payout to the customer. And always coming up with new excuses.

It’s a dead project.

hello peter,

same happened to me, what token did you buy?

Hi, it was the Pinay Token. And what Token you have buy?

same, Pinay and fxte token. seems like a big scam, check out javan king and simon volk the guys behind the token. im still waiting for my 15,000$ and they find new excuses everytime…

wait i think you represent the cct token which is listed on tkex too, how come you say its a scam?

We have paid for a big service pack. But nothing was kept. And we never got our money back.
We have moved to a new Exchange with CCT. And now its running perfect. Tkex is a Dead Project.

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Is there anywhere to contact you private regarding tkex?