StreetBees App Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?

What is Streebees?
Streetbees is a site and an app that companies get real time information and insights regarding customers’ preferences and behavior toward different products or services, and in turn will pay those customers for that information.

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How does it work?
Before you are able to start any tasks on Streetbees you will be asked a few qualifying questions that will determine your eligibility to be able to take part in it.

Streetbees offers various tasks or stories as they are sometimes called, that you can do to get paid. Some tasks/stories may ask you to upload a video of you using a product or send in a picture of you using a product. These types of tasks/stories show a more in depth look at how the general public views or uses that product than most written surveys. BUT, they do also offer regular written survey tasks as well! The amount of tasks/stories that are given depend on which country you live in. Some countries there are only a small amount of tasks and other countries will offer several tasks a week. You can get tasks from the website, but there are more that are offered on the app because they are based on the location that you are currently in, which may not always be at your home.