StakedWallet Review: SCAM or LEGIT

Earn SWL Tokens With The StakedWallet

What are SWL tokens?

SWL token is an inner bonus currency. You can get it for performing different actions. For example,when you complete your profile or download our mobile app, a reward will be waiting for you. You can also get more SWL tokens under the referral program.
SWL tokens can be exchanged for real currency.

How to get SWL tokens?


You can get SWL tokens by performing tasks in the Bounty section in your account profile. The more tasks you perform, the more tokens you’ll get.

How to earn with Bounty?

Bounty program is created to help our clients make money and get SWL tokens without investments. You can perform simple tasks that will make StakedWallet a better platform and bring you more tokens.
SWL tokens are the platform bonuses that you can exchange for real cryptocurrency or just transfer from your account.

What can I do with SWL tokens?

SWL tokens can be stored, used or even exchanged for any other cryptocurrency. Still, to do so you require the sum equivalent to 1$ or 100 SWL.
You can exchange and withdraw tokens right in your account profile. Soon you’ll be able to find another use for them, so the more tokens you have the better! You’ll get the specifics later on.