Sea-hash Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?

Registration bonus 100 Ghs
Mining more than 10 cryptocurrencies
The payback period of your investment is up to 70 days.
No minimum deposit
Minimum withdrawal amount: Bitcoin 0.0005, Litecoin 0.05, .Dogecoin 1300, BLK 70, BTG 0.25, NEO 0.25, Dash 0.025, Ethereum 0.015


Dear sir
I was member but i cant not access.
And i was deposit ĹTC
What happen canot access.
Thìs my data and i have been sending my email too all complite data.
My account is Hamim88
My email [email protected]
You can email answering all reason about you web trouble.
I was dissapointed
Would you can open my account again please