SAFEPOST Review: An Encrypted Messaging Platform That Keeps Your Privacy Safe

SafePost is an encrypted messaging platform that keeps your privacy safe. With SafePost, no more SPAM, no more scammer emails, no more phishing emails, no more spyware, no more other malware, no more data transfer & storage duration limit!

  • receive only solicited e-mails,
  • never missed an important e-mail,
  • My contacts always receive my e-mails,
  • never received SPAMS, phishing e-mails and fake e-mails,
  • Never will a hacker have access the content of my emails.


SafePost is a decentralized encrypted messaging platform based on Open Source technology using among others the blockchain : this technology gives you the guarantee that the algorithms we use are safe and have no back door.
SafePost allows you to exchange messages and documents a safe & efficient way with your contacts:

  • No more unsolicited e-mails: you only receive posts from contacts you wish to be connected with,
  • No more missed e-mails: you are notified every time you receive a new post
  • No more phishing e-mails,
  • No more wrongly classified junk mails while they are OK.
  • No possibility for an outside person (hackers, SafePost team, …) to read your messages and
    documents !

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