Rewards1 Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?

Rewards1 is a GPT website where anyone can receive free prizes. From what I found Rewards1 has been active for almost 16 years and it looks like they don’t plan to stop it soon.

Methods to earn on Rewards1
Most of these offers consist of different surveys and sign up and they pay a minimum 10 points and maximum 200 points per task.
2)Premium offers
For this kind of offers you will need to spend some money from your pocket, you will do this using your credit card(you have pt buy a product/service for 1$ and you receive 5$ after you have bought that product /service ) From this kind of offers you can get between 1$ and 35$.
3)Coin offers
If you have been using GPT websites for a while you probably know each of them has a section where you find OfferWalls like Offertoro, Peanut Labs or TrialPay
Here you will find videos listed by EngageMe.Tv. You usually get 1 point for every video watched and the number of videos is unlimited. Rarely you can find videos paying a higher rate from 1-3 points but there is a limited number of videos.
This is a cool way to earn some extra points. You receive 1 point after every 10 minutes of radio you played
6)On this section, you will find tasks from Crowdflower. If you used other GPT websites before you probably heard about this before since it is listed on all GPT websites.

Methods to withdraw from Rewards1
After you have at least 500 points in your balance you can request a withdrawal of 5$, so 1 point is equal to 0.01$ or 1 cent.
You can request you withdraw using different methods. You can get different gift cards for Amazon, BestBuy, Dell, NewEgg, and other merchants. You can also get code rewards for games or cash which can be used for: Google Play, Xbox, Stream, iTunes, PlayStation, League of legends, Steam and many others.
One of the best methods to withdraw your points is PayPal because you receive direct money that you can withdraw to your bank account.
You can also request a custom order in exchange for your points. This means you can get any rewards from any merchant but keep in mind this could take a much longer time to be fulfilled.

Rewards1 referral system offers you 20% for all earnings of your referrals, lifetime. This commission can be upgraded to 30% but in order to achieve that you have to refer a lot of new persons every month to receive an extra 10%.

There is no doubt Rewards1 is a legit GPT website because it is 16 years old and since 2002 it pays every member in time. They also have a live chat where you can get in contact with one of the admin and solve any problem you have with payment or offers.