Publish0x Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?

Publish0x is a site where you can earn by writing Crypto related topics.

Publish0x is a blockchain platform that compares closely to the likes of Steemit where you are earning money for every “like” and you can withdraw it with ease.

You earnfor every like, Users can tipevery 10 minutes and every 24 hours to same Author.

Tipping (upvote, liking) is free. All the tips come from a rewards pool of BNTY tokens (an ERC-20 token) provided by Publish0x.

The tipping function allows you to choose how much of it you want to give to the author and how much of it you want to give to yourself for reading the article, like a curation tip. You can adjust the scale for each post to dole out the tip percentage anywhere from 80/20 author/yourself all the way to the complete opposite, 80/20 yourself/author.

Writers and readers earn.
Free, no paywall unlike Medium.
Getting paid in crypto.
Live pop up in-browser notifications of users tipping each other, including when someone tips you.
Fast and light interface.
No bots unlike Steemit so all the content and comments are real people!
The Publish0x editor let you resize your images in the editor itself so you don’t end up with giant images in your article.