PTCShare Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?

There he is, PTCShare has opened doors for members at a very beta stage. For now it is only possible to create account and collect referrals, with the final opening scheduled for June.

Obviously I already registered and I recommend that you do the same, here is my link:

Information :information_source: I remember some data from this new website:
The site will run parallel to PaidVerts, was created from scratch to take advantage of the most successful functions and join others inspired by the Revenue Share sites.

It was founded by crowdfunding through MyTrafficValue and promises to be a simpler and more effective site than the PV, it will focus on one goal: to help members Make Money Online in a simple but effective way.

If you also register comment below with “I’m in”!

When I have more information about the site I update this topic and I’m also thinking about a contest for my referrals ;)