PicturePunches.com Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?

How to earn money from PicturePunches?
PicturePunches.com is a website that is dedicated to meme makers. This website helps users make money online by publishing humorous content. How it works is the users make money from the advertisements on the website or Donations. Every meme has a sponsored ad banner below it. Users make money from those ad impressions. So the higher the impressions, the more money you make. Its that simple.

Follow These Steps:

  1. To start your journey as a meme maker, you must register yourself first. Click HERE to register.
  2. Once you have registered yourself, you will then be taken to your dashboard. The dashboard has different options for users example; Rooms, Earnings, Feed etc.
  3. Users can browse different rooms, depending on the kind of memes you like and subscribe to them.
  4. To upload your own meme, search a room you like and open it. After opening, click on the Upload option to start. Simply choose a file and enter a funny caption and upload.
  5. Now that your meme is uploaded in a room you can start making money from it. How? Well once your meme is online, the picture will automatically have a small sponsored ad below it. Users make money from these ad impressi