Paidverts Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?

Paidverts seemed to be in a rough spot for a while but they are promising higher payments for BAP groups as of late and I’m assuming that would mean you could earn more.

Paidverts is a PTC (Paid To Click) website that has a few things unique going for it. You earn money by clicking ads that are issued to you daily, as well as by partaking in cash offers, such as completing surveys and installing apps. In this guide, I’ll discuss a few key things about Paidverts, as well as my strategy for doing well there.

Bonus Ad Points
Paidverts works differently to other PTC sites in terms of how it decides how many ads you are able to click every day. It uses a system they call Bonus Ad Points or BAP. To sum it up, the amount of BAP you have dictates the value and quantity of advertisements you get the next day. If you have a small amount of BAP, you’ll be lucky to get a penny every day, if you have a lot of BAP, you can get $5 or more per day. There are 15 BAP “Groups” that you are categorized in, based on how much BAP you have. The more BAP you have, the higher your group and the higher your group, the more money you earn. The amount of earnings each group can make every day fluctuates so it’s not a guaranteed daily figure. 20 BAP equals $0.01, so if you receive a $0.10 ad, you will lose 200 BAP. Which is why it’s important to keep a good balance of BAP in your account.

Earning BAP
You can accumulate BAP in one of three ways. The first way involves clicking the 8 BAP ads you receive every day, when you start off, each ad is worth 50 BAP. Unfortunately, after clicking 100 ads, those BAP ads decrease two fold in value, rendering them worth 25 BAP each. Bear in mind that you are taxed 100 BAP every day for some reason, so the maximum BAP you can make per day is a rather low 100. You need 1600 BAP just to get into Group 1 and that group won’t get you much more than $0.05 per day. So if you’re just lagging along every day, doing the above mentioned you’re not getting anywhere. You need to do something else…

That something else involves the second method: Buying ads. You’re most likely wondering why you would want to spend money on something that’s supposed to earn you money. Well, buying ads is actually the smartest thing you can do on Paidverts. For $1.05, you can advertise anything you want and in return, you will get around 200 visits to your website of choice. As well as 3100 BAP. That 3100 BAP is worth $1.55, so think of buying ads as an investment.

The third method involves gambling, which will probably make you lose more than you earn. There are two methods I’ve found effective to potentially earn you money this way. Firstly, there is a coin toss game, with a 50% chance of doubling your money. It seems that if you get for example “heads” correct, do “tails” the next time and “heads” after that, you should be able to double your money from 3 to 10 times like this. Once you lose, stop. The second way involves making use of the Tic Tac Toe game. Here you play classic Tic Tac Toe against other players, betting on who is going to win. If you know the strategy to this game, then you’re guaranteed to at least never lose and possibly win.

You can also buy a Micro Ad Pack once per day for 50 BAP, this will instantly deliver $0.025 worth of ads to your account. It’s nothing, but if you’re less than two cents from cashing out and you want that money fast, its one way to get it.