Opinion Space Kenya Review: SCAM or LEGIT?

Opinion Space Kenya is a research company that offers people in Kenya a change to participate in surveys and polls. You’ll need to live in this area in order to join the site. This isn’t an international site and not everyone can join here.

How does it work?

  1. You’ll need to register with the company, verify your email address and fill in your profile information.
  2. There are different panels you can register under. However, if you’re not registered in a panel that has an ongoing survey, it isn’t possible for you to take part in this survey. It is a good idea to register with different panels on the site. This way you have a better chance to take surveys.
  3. You are invited to take surveys by an email invitation.
  4. Each survey you complete has a different amount associated with the survey.
  5. When you receive an email, you’ll need to follow the link to reach the survey.
  6. After completing the survey you are credited cash reward points. You’ll need Ksh 1,200 points before you can be paid.
  7. They will send the payment to your MPesa account.
  8. There is a limit to how much money they will send you at one time. If you have more credits in your account, they will be held over to the next payment request you make.


Has anyone living in Kenya tried this survey site before? What do you think of this site? Can you add any other information to the review to help out people who’d like to join this site.

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