Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?

Bitcoin Faucets are sites where you can play a game or click to get a number of satoshis (small fragments of a bitcoin) added to your bitcoin wallet. While you will need a wallet to play, these are free, paid for by the ads on the site, and just require one click a day. However several are also scams or malware dependent, and some don’t last very long and may vanish with user’s earnings.

These are two I can recommend (links include my affiliate). I haven’t had any malware problems with them, but it is as well to be aware of the risk and run a decent firewall/antivirus. After all, you’re looking at ads.

Moon Bitcoin This allows users to claim regularly, every five minutes if you choose, but bitcoins will build up slowly between your claims, more slowly the longer you leave it. While you can pay to Xapo wallet, you can also get a weekly payment direct to your bitcoin wallet as long as you have accrued over 10,000 satoshi. I can normally get up to 50,000 with two or three daily visits, so it is not that hard. It also has a cumulative daily loyalty bonus, which helps.

Zebra Faucet You can click once a day to earn a random number of satoshis, then if you want, roll a dice to get a possible second bonus. You never lose the first earnings, so there’s no risk. If you use a bitcoin wallet, you get paid weekly, which works better in my opinion as you can build up quite a balance, and I’ve never had trouble getting paid.