Monese Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?

We often ask ourselves the question
How to improve your daily life
100, 200, 300 € or more per month
No need to look further, nothing simpler and easier to set up
Earn € 5 immediately and € 10 unlimited
New in European Union Only
The creation of the account takes 5 minutes and we immediately touch 5 €, we invite friends and we touch everything
immediately 10 € per friend (who receives these 5 €)
Download the app. Monese who is an online bank, on his smartphone

Important to put the invitation code at departure
to benefit from 5 €
Take a photo of your ID or passport
Sponsor unlimited and touch 10 € unlimited
No income requirement. No proof of address
Have a valid ID (ID card, passport …) to take a live double-sided photo,
validation after a few seconds.
Open a free “starter” account.
Make a payment of 10 euros using your credit card via a secure portal, which you recover immediately,
on your account.
We can sponsor anyone in unlimited living in a country of the European Union except for one
prohibited banking.
Note: There is a possible credit card linked to your account, you are of course not obliged,
it’s just, a simple and inexpensive option (4 € 95) to withdraw your commissions.
For my part I ordered it immediately, (received 15 days later) anyway it is self-financed by
the 5 € welcome.