MarketAgent Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?

Marketagent is survey website based in Switzerland. They’ve been active since 2001, so there is a lot of proof of their legitness. As they are based in Europe, a lot of surveys are for this region.
There are three ways to join this website:

  1. Registration with email : this is classic registration, you’ll need to provide basic information about yourself. It is really important to use real personal information, otherwise, you’ll get banned.
  2. Log in with google +
  3. Log in with facebook

Once registered, there are few ways to earn money:
A. Completing surveys - this is the main way of earning from this website, and there are two kinds of these jobs
I. Normal surveys - depending on your location, gender, age and other characteristics you will be provided with different number and types of surveys. It usually takes 2-5 minutes to finish them, and you’ll get paid from 20 to 100 points or more. (100 points equals 1 Euro). Number of surveys that you can get per day isn’t fixed, some days it can be 0 and other days it can be up to 5, or even 10 of them. After you participate, your bonus points are flagged and you will be rewarded after employers (those who started surveys) confirm that you did it properly. Your survey can be approved in just couple of days, but sometimes it takes more time.
II Profile extension surveys - these are surveys that help developers gather more information about you. By doing them you are categorized by different topics and this can help with finding more surveys that suit you. Also you get paid instantly 20 points for completing them.
B Referral program - this is really good paying feature; You’ll get 300 points (3 Euro) for inviting your friend. These points will be rewarded to you after your referral finishes one survey (this doesn’t include profile extension surveys).