Lyka app reviews: SCAM OR LEGIT?

Lyka App

Lyka is an app similar to Instagram and facebook but you can earn real cash here. Its totally FREE

Lyka is free to download in ios app store and google play store
Create account using your email or log in using your Facebook
Click wallet to link your phone number.

How to earn:
For every 1 follower you can earn 1 Lyka GEM
Posting of pictures (once the other user rate/like your post)
Message to other user can earn 0.01 per message.

1 Lyka Gem = 1 PHP

Pay out via :
-Bank Account
-Exchanger (Me)
-Peer to Peer

IMPORTANT NOTEDouble exclamation mark :bangbang:

Index pointing up :point_up:1 Lyka Account per Device Only
Index pointing up :point_up: You account must be phone verified to earn GEM

Red heart :heart: Follow us on Lyka " fiona07"
More followers the more Gems you receive
Always Rate 5 Gems
Keep on posting

Limited Per Day
0.05 Posting on your wall
0.01 Chatting
0.05 Liking someones post
0.05 Comment someones post
0.05 Greeting Event

1.00 Someone follow you
0.05 Someone like your post
0.05 Someoe repost your post

That’s not true i have 200 followers but my gem is 8.35 is this scam?


They have changed rules. Lyka doesn’t count the followers anymore. It’s a ratings game now.
I was able to use gems in many establishments, it’s legit.

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Kindly update your app review. Lyka app company has been updating their app frequently as well as their earning rules. I think you can not get now a peso coin per follower as well as they have a limited max rate per day.

Me too I have 15 followers but my gem is 1.40 and also they said opening new account you can have 5 gems but I got zero. I am new user of LYKA APP I just opened last night but no free 5 gems.