LUPEX is a cryptoexchange and have daily battles where users can guess the next days $BTC, $ETH and $BCH price to win crypto awards daily their account they can trade with or withdraw.

Information about the site:

  • The only exchange with real crypto reward chests and daily crypto tournaments. There are two way to level up and unlock rewards.
  • LUPEX Battles: Predict crypto prices against others in daily tournaments.
  • LUPEX Chests: LUPEX is the first of its kind in how it rewards its users. LUPEX tracks users progress on the platform, when certain milestones are hit, users “Level Up” and are rewarded with Chests. These chests contain randomized amounts / types of crypto. Rewards can range from small to very big.
  • Never before has trading cryptocurrencies been so lucrative and exhilarating.
  • As you trade, you are rewarded points to get to the next level with an accompanying chest (crypto giveaway).
  • Provides the user with news from the cryptoworld on their website.

My experience:

  • I have won 3 battles so far and have been paid.
  • I got free crypto from chest when I signed up.
  • Easy trading platform and simple design.
  • You do not have to use the trading platform in order to win crypto in the battlesystem.
  • You can play battles for free or wage your own crypto to play PvP to guess daily crypto prices.

You can sign-up and join here:

Payment Proof in attached file.

Good earnings :slight_smile: