LinkBucks Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?

Ahoy there! :)​

Today I’m going to present a company that paying to shorten and share your links since 2005, this company is called LinkBucks and over the years they improved a lot, I mean it, let’s see how you can earn money with this program.

What is Linkbucks?
LinkBucks pays
its members to shorten and share their links everywhere. So after you register you can paste a link and the system will shorten that link in a second, now the link looks different and will still redirect people to original destination but they must see an intermission advertisement or complete a quick survey to gain access, because they view that advertisment or complete an offer in your account money start gathering, the more people visit your shorten link the more money you earn. Sound logical right? Yep :D

Example of Intermission Ad:
link after I shorten it looks like this now I earn $1.00 / 278 Clicks

Example of Locker Link Ad:
link after I shorten it looks like this now I earn up to $1.00 per successful unlock + $1.00 per 500 clicks

As you can notice in the intermission ad link I wanted to have alias url, and at the locker ad link I wanted to have alias url, this will not affect my earnings because there are 10+ alias domains to choose from and the main roll for them is just estetic, whenever you like short or long!

Another important fact, above I have clean links, means these links redirect to content suitable for anyone, but in case my link was not suitable for anyone and was adult related content I had to specify that and LinkBucks system will show adult related ads and I make more money when ads match with my content.

Creating Paid links with LinkBucks

  1. Single Links (convert a single link into a paid link, just like the ones I have in examples, pretty easy)
    2. Multiple Links ( convert ALL links from a page into Paid Links, cut and paste the HTML page and it will generate a new page for you and you start earning money)
    3. Full Page Script (automatically changes the links from a page into Paid Links, you must add a given generated code before the tag and you will start making money right away)

Again every each one of these creating paid link ways gives you extra options such as Ad Type (intermission ad or locker ad), Page Content (clean all ages or adult related), Target Option (choose what window your linkbucks open up in), Alias Url and frequency cap (limit your ad pages your visitors click through) and Link Exclusions (when you do not want to show ads for certain links).

Earn More Referring People
Okay so here I’m talking about LinkBacks referral program which pays big, refer friends and you get 10% of their earnings, you’ll also get 5% of the earnings from the members that your referrals refer and you’ll also earn 1% of the earnings from every member that those people refer as well. Might not be much but all those cents add up your account and because your referrals are active earnings increases and you receive them always because is lifetime based referral program. LinkBucks is not scam!

LinkBucks is paying high and I’ll not add any Linkbucks payment proofs in this topic because are tons on other sites WHO DO THAT, believe my word, they pay on time everytime and your payment is done instant via PayPal at minimum $10 upon your request of course.

Join This Program (you’ll be redirected to LinkBucks, register and start earning)