Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?

Hi I am trying out this It gives a 50 doge sign-up bonus, and minimum withdrawal is 100 doge. Has anyone any experience with this? It seems worth a try. Payout is about 0.16 every 15 mins, plus a random-seeming bonus, which comes up about 1 in 5 visits. The highest bonus I got so far is 0.5.

It uses a shortlink which is ok, no captcha or multiple pages, just a popup before completion. It’s quick to do and I will post here when I get to 100 to say if it is paying or not. You could use my reflink to help speed that up!

The owner responds quickly to inquiries, I asked about how to get the bonus and he said claim it in the dashboard, so good response. Fingers crossed but i t looks ok. The domain is about 6 months old, but it’s hard to find any info, good or bad.

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