KnowledgeNuts Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?

KnowledgeNuts accepts anyone who wants to write for them.

About the site:

  1. The site loves knowledge and accept anything that is a fact, obscure, or a little-known fact. Note: You should search the site because a lot of people submit to this site. They have a lot of KnowledgeNuts on the site and they won’t add yours if it is duplicated.
  2. They are looking for fascinating facts to publish on their site.

Payment: They pay $10 for every KnowledgeNut you submit that is published on the site. The payment is through PayPal or Bitcoin.

Note: I haven’t written for them personally, but I do know 3 people who write for them quite often. They say they are fast to pay and it is a fun site to write for.

Looking for feedback and if anyone has written for them and has proof of payment. - website facebook, Twitter - @9to5workonline