Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?

New cloud mining of bitcoin

Bonus : 100 Gh/s Hash Power
Daily Profit Upto 10%
Minmum Purchase : 575Gh/s
Affiliate : 7%

Visit Now : Kenzy.Co

Disclaimer* i am not owner of this project, invest at your own risk

Not finding many reviews on this service we decided to try it by limiting the risks.
With 5 friends we have activated 5 different accounts. From now on you start to “mine” gaining money, 100GH / s are given to each account for free. After a few days we reached the threshold of 0.0002 btc to withdraw. We try to withdraw the sum but we are told that we must make a minimum deposit of 0.002 btc.
We take advantage of the collapse of 13/03/2020 and sell some coins taken with the airdrops (to leave the risk at zero). We manage to reach 0.002 btc and send the deposit.
After a few minutes the transaction is successful and all our mining accounts go from 100GH / s to 700GH / s. We are happy, maybe it’s really a great service.
So let’s proceed with the withdrawal of 0.0002 btc, in the meantime they have become about 0.0007 btc. From 15/03/20 all our accounts have a “pending” withdrawal but after 24-48 hours still nothing.
We all start writing an email to technical support: no answer. Let’s try to contact them by phone: non-existent number (at least from abroad).
Let’s then analyze the transactions of our wallets and find that all the wallets assigned for the store have stopped sending transactions. Before sending the deposit they showed a more or less regular activity (between exits and entering), from 15/03 the assigned wallets have only entrances. They increase capital but no longer pay. It is certainly a system designed to make people believe that addresses operate honestly but it is a non-existent service. A well organized scam but A SCAM.
With cloud mining you don’t earn … we wanted to try this experience because we had money given away but the advice is: don’t waste your money with