How to make money blogging

So I run a successful blog on Tumblr, We are number one on Google and we have a large following. The blog also has a successful Instagram which has over 10k followers now. Our Twitter is not up their with the numbers yet, But it has a dedicated following.

Now for a few months I have used affiliate marketing, At the moment I have more bad months then good. Saying that I have earned a fair amount of commission from it so its not all that bad. But at the moment things are slow and im wondering what I can do to pick it up? I am getting as many links out their as possible, But I don`t want to do it and turn people off.

Also, I am looking to go into sponsorship content etc but I am baffled as how to approach it. I have contacted brands but they either ignore me, dont contact me back or they dont do it right now. I`ve noticed people advertise on their IG stories for brands to contact them. But I need some guidance on this because I am new to sponsorship content.

I am looking at becoming a full time blogger, What advice would you give me?