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HASHFINDERs�s transaction accelerator speeds up confirmation times for all Bitcoin transactions, including TX transactions with a low transaction fee. Our service helps unconfirmed transactions to be confirmed much faster by relaying them to the network.


How can you earn with us?

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Our History

In middle of 2016, the company HASHFINDERS was created in Korea with a group specialized in blockchain, cryptography and mining algorithms that, taking advantage of the growing market and bitcoin boom, develop a software and tools dedicated to accelerate Bitcoin transactions, which is an out-of-chain service that accepts an additional fee to deliberately include a particular transaction in the next Bitcoin block so you can get enough confirmations. This service is provided in collaboration with large mining pools.
In July 2017, as the bitcoin begins its rally, HASHFINDERS begins with the assembly of its own mining farm located in Myanmar, taking advantage of the low costs, and by the end of the year the installation of a second farm is completed, which, in addition to minar bitcoin, in conjunction with other mining pools collaborate with the initial objective of our company, the transaction accelerator of the bitcoin network.
In February 2019, with a more mature bitcoin, developed, ad-portas of a sustained growth, and knowing what this entails, HASHFINDERS decides to embark on a new stage with the creation of a platform of �shared acceleration�, that is, to use external computational force to help the different mining pools in the retransmission and consequent acceleration of the bitcoin network.