GoUnlimited.to Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?

What Is Go Unlimited?

Go Unlimited is a video streaming website that allows you to make money from your videos when someone watches it for longer than 1 minute, and you get paid for every 10,000 video views. They are offered worldwide with different rates ranging from U.S.$6 to U.S.$30.00 and organized into four tiers of countries. If you can’t locate your country in the list of tiers it is rated at U.S.$4.00 across the board for every 10,000 views I’m not sure if this is a typo or not.

Company Behind
There’s no company connected to it, so I’ve concluded that it is currently operated by an individual or groups of people wanting to make money online. They also own MixLoads in which the footer reveals the name of the owner, or the web developer is SONUS. From the looks of the design, it might be using a default design of the script called Streaming4U, which can be purchased from code canyon.

Technical Specifications
The .to whois server won’t give any information at all regarding the registrant but is only know to use ClouDns.

Features and Advantages
They boast of custom payout rates since countries are categorized via tiers meaning the downloader or viewer must reside in any of these top pay tiered countries. Your files will not be deleted even after 60 days and will stay on this website permanently. You have a dedicated account manager who promises to work for you twelve hours a day and seven days a week.

Making Money
Aside from earning in tiers where your file is streaming or download, you get to receive from an additional program called Valueable User Program (VUP). This Valueable User Program (VUP) requires you to have more than 5,000 minimum views or downloads daily, which entitles you to earn up to 50% profit from your user’s activities as above-mentioned.



  • Free for anyone to make money right away with your viewers and downloaders


  • Lack of company information as attached makes one think twice to sign up