Febbit Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?

Basically, Febbit is a bitcoin faucet, but with a very interesting twist. At first glance, it looks fairly simple: a miner with a pickaxe is slowly depleting a rock and filling his cart. This way, satoshi and credits are gathered. There is a timer indicating the “life” of the rock. At zero, the rock is depleted and the miner needs a new rock. The process repeats itself.

Febbit has been online since at least april 2018, and at first it was very buggy. Nowadays however, the site runs smoothly and best of all: it pays! Unfortunately, there is no chat function, although there is a febbit community on reddit.com. There is also no investment option, so you cannot lose any money here. Since it takes no resources from your computer, you can even use it on a mobile phone by going to the above mentioned url.
Febbit is SSL secured, which is always a good thing and it has a low payout minimum of only 1000 satoshi. All payments are made through faucethub, so make sure you have a bitcoin wallet address linked to faucethub.

One important thing: Febbit pays, but only if you’re account is in good standing. The use of VPN or bots or any other “cheat” is prohibited. Basically: play it fair and be rewarded for it.
Febbit has a three-level referral system, giving you 10%, 3% or 1% of the satoshi your referrals make.
Make sure you read the FAQ because it takes a while to really get the hang of Febbit.

The idea:
Ok, a bitcoin faucet, with an interface designed as a retro game. Every hour you can collect your gathered satoshi by clicking on “Collect” on the cart. So far, nothing special. What makes febbit special are the features built around this faucet, in order to give members better earning opportunities. This way, it is actually possible to gather a decent amount of satoshi, even without referring others. I’ll explain the details below.