Faucet-prive.club Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?

Good evening everyone !

Today, I present to you the fruit of quite a long work.
My new faucet, FAUCET-PRIVE, is available.

I made the simplest in the use of the site, I wrote in English to target more people but it is very intuitive.

Faucet-Prive pays you in Bitcoin (BTC) on FaucetPay to complete “shortlinks”.
Shortlinks are pages containing a lot of ads and a Captcha to solve.

Common example: after solving a Captcha and then clicking on a button, you will be redirected to a page on which you will have to wait x seconds (generally not very long) then click on a button in order to return to Faucet-Prive.

Currently in the compensation test phase, you can access 44 of these shortlinks per day and per IP (we will come back to this point a little below).

1 shortlink = 5 satoshis, so currently, the remuneration is 220 satoshis per day and per IP.

To log in, go to the site and simply enter your email address linked to your FaucetPay account. If you don’t have an account yet, a link to register is available on Faucet-Prive.

Once connected, you will be on the faucet: the Claim button allows you to complete the shortlinks, the Withdraw button allows you to request a payment once the payment threshold is reached, and the Log Out button allows you to log out. Below, an Instruction link takes you back to instructions that I give to users unfamiliar with shortlinks, as well as some tips.
Still below, you have the current compensation statistics of Faucet-Prive, as well as the payment thresholds.

In order to reward regular users, I have set up a system of decreasing payment thresholds: for your first payment, you will have to reach 900 satoshis; for the second, 800 satoshis; for the 3rd: 600 satoshis and from the fourth, the payment threshold is fixed at 300 satoshis.

As I said on the site, some shortlinks contain adult content, but I do not control the advertisements they display. Pay no attention to it, and the miners, OUSTE!

For the history of IPs, nothing prevents you from using a VPN or a proxy in order to redo the links.

Finally, I would like to ask you if you have suggestions for improvements to the site, I have a wide ear for all your advice.

Good earnings!

LINK : https://faucet-prive.club/