Fanslave Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?

Fanslave is best for directing traffic to our websites, blogs and to promote our social Networking pages by paying a nominal amount. It can help us in buying Facebook likes, followers, fans, twitter followers, YouTube likes, comments, views, subscribers, Instagram likes, followers, viewers etc. which can help us build our social networking pages to promote and make money from it as having a social networking page with a decent number of daily visitors does help a great deal to every business or blogger.

Starting on Fanslave:

Anyone can freely join Fanslave with their email and can start making money or buying services from the website to promote their social networking pages.

Fanslave will suggest different packages to buyers which they can choose as per their interest and requirements. Buyers can list the required daily likes or followers as required on their respective pages to Fanslave which makes it one of its own exchange platforms and this helps in making the exchange look natural to everyone. Users are only required to add their social networking account for which they like to buy the services. In case a fan unfollows after following or unlike after liking our social networking page then we will receive its paid credit back into our account and that fan will be removed from the database permanently.

Registered users can buy services from Fanslave by paying with any of the following methods:

PayPal, Payza, Credit card, Debit card, Money transfer.

The campaign can take up to 3 days to publish dependent upon the payment processor opted to pay.

Ways to earn from Fanslave:

There are different ways to earn from Fanslave and these are as under:

  1. Watching YouTube Videos listed on the website.

  2. Completing offers listed on the website about liking, following social networking accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

  3. Marketing the products of Fanslave.

  4. Working as a Reseller.

  5. Working as an Affiliate.

Affiliate Program: Fanslave is running a very attractive affiliate program wherein the users can earn 15 % referral commission for a lifetime from the earnings of their referrals and this includes their purchase of credits from Fanslave. It’s not difficult to refer to friends and family on Fanslave as it’s very easy to earn from the website.

Payments: Users can request payment from Fanslave when their account balance earnings are at a minimum of 15 € and Fanslave takes a maximum of 30 days to process the payment. Payments are delivered via PayPal, Bitcoin, Adv Cash, Payeer, Amazon Gift cards.