Enroll App Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?

Enroll app is a website that lets you do usability tests for different websites that may or may not be published to the public.

How does Enroll App Work?
Testers are asked to click on the available test button to view and accept the test. Once accepted, you may be asked what you expect a certain button to do once clicked on, or you may be shown an image and asked what you think you should be able to do on this page. Some questions may be “click on this” only, or some questions may have you type out an answer. The tests are never really long, and only last a couple of minutes. One of the best ways to get more testing opportunities is to do the daily poll questions that are available on the site. These questions help determine which tests you best qualify for in the future. Tests that you qualify for and are available are emailed to the address that you verified in your account.

How do you sign up with Enroll App?
Enroll app, unfortunately, is not an app, although you may have tests that can only be done on your phone browser. You simply go to the website Enrollapp.com to sign up, create your account then verify your email before you are ready to begin.

They do have unpaid tests that you can do so that you can get your bearings on what paid tests will look like.

How do you get paid by Enroll App?
Enroll app pays to PayPal so make sure that you put in your correct PayPal address on your account.

When do I get paid by Enroll App?
Enroll app pays only once a month to your PayPal account as long as your balance is at the minimum threshold. .Which is $1.50 USD.
With Enroll App, it is a legitimate website to make some extra money. Although you won’t get rich quick, you can earn some decent pocket change and you can guarantee that you will receive payout like clockwork once a month to your PayPal account.