Embedo.to Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?

What is Embedo?

Embedo is a VOD (Video On Demand) link generator platform that never gets deleted since it also will generate multiple embed codes for your videos but it needs a top-level domain name (TLD) to start with. The approval of top-level domain names requires 24 hours of waiting for approval or rejection. You can’t do much with it until your website is being approved. Since this is a VOD base it allows for your videos to be distributed using a video media distribution system that allows people from all over the world to watch your videos with no usage to any traditional video entertainment devices that offers no constraints or limitation of a static broadcasting schedule. VOD Entertainment is widespread on the internet today since it focuses more on gaming and with the help of an NVIDIA graphics card for gaming, the videos that can catch-ups has high-resolution quality. VOD websites are being shown to audiences as real-time streaming with high-density quality such as NetFlix and Plex.tv. The following VOD websites that are supported with this platform are the following: Clipwatching, Mixdrop, Vidoza, Cloudvideo, Videobin, Prostream, and GoUnlimited. With this system, they boast themselves as World’s First Anti-DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) Link Generator to VOD websites.

Technical Specifications
The owner of the domain .TO is a private domain that displays no domain whois information but only the DNS (Domain Name Servers) of the domain owner, but if you want to contact the owner you can go to the official Tonic to contact them revealing your email address. For now, all is known about the domain is it’s using DDOS attack protection services from Cloud Flare, Inc.

You have to upload individually and manually your videos in seven VOD (Video On Demand) websites and then get their links one by one and place on this platform. This platform will, in turn, create one link for you to use and on top, it will allow you to change VOD (Video On Demand) sources and even change its a priority by using drag and drop technology. This usage is based on their youtube video tutorial.

Making Money
You won’t make any money here rather than you can avoid deletion of DMCA prospect videos and make it permanent on the internet using this platform.