E-poll Surveys Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?

Company Overview
Founded in 1997, E-Poll is owned and operated by Bridge Entertainment Inc. The company conducts market research on behalf of its clients and partners, with particular emphasis on the entertainment industry.

Registration Information
Registration is open to residents of the United States, 13 years of age and over. Only one person per household is eligible to join. Membership is free and involves filling out a simple Signup form. After submitting the required information, an account activation email will be sent to confirm registration. This link will direct the new member to his first survey. Upon completion, 100 points will be credited to the member’s account.

Membership Opportunities
As most of the studies will be centered around entertainment, a large percentage of the offers will include video. E-Poll will often invite members to watch a particular show at a specified time and give a quick feedback. At other times participants will be asked to watch TV commercials, watch and review DVDs, or view and provide feedback on interactive online magazines. Invitation for survey participation is sent by email. The frequency of invitation varies and could be every two days or every two weeks.

Rewards System
E-Poll uses a points-based system for survey credits. Many of the surveys offer between 500 and 1000 points. On rare occasions, they offer more. These points will never expire, providing the account remains active by completing at least one survey every 12 months. Points are redeemable for a variety of rewards from Walmart Gift Codes, Amazon Gift Codes, PayPal, Target, iTunes, and a whole lot more. Rewards are sent electronically and usually takes between four and six weeks after redemption to arrive. The minimum requirement for cash out is $3 which is equivalent to 2750 points. For PayPal requests, email address on file should match with registered PayPal email address, otherwise, the order will be canceled.