DropBit App Wallet Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?

DropBit is a BTC wallet with transactions as fast as lightning and you can even use it even without knowledge of Bitcoin! It is created by CoinNinja LLC.

What’s the difference from other BTC wallets?

  • No knowledge required. Sending and receiving BTC is as easy as pie.

  • BTC and Lightning wallet. Two wallets in one app!

  • Send Bitcoin to any of your friends and followers by simply using their Twitter handle or phone number! Now that’s a great feature! ;)

  • New, unique address will be generated every time you send or receive funds, which makes your transactions harder to track, keeping your financial business yours.

  • There’s no need to back up each address separately, each of them can always be restored using your wallet’s 12 recovery words.

NOTE: Please remember that DropBit currently only supports BTC and Lightning

Examples of TRX assets:

  • BTC
  • Lightning - used to receive funds from other Lightning wallets such as BlueWallet, etc.

Where to use BTC and Lightning?

  • Anything that supports it!
  • Transfer to Cryptocurrency Exchanges and other BTC wallets
  • Used to receive certain BTC supported airdrops, scroll in the comments for current promotions