Cryptoplay App Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?

Crypto Play

Cryptoplay is an app similar to Ethermaker before because it has the same developer.
At that time I have received lots of payout from them in the presence of Ethereum.

Today I found their application again and it’s called Cryptoplay.

This application offers by Badwolf developer

Here’s how it works

White heavy check mark :white_check_mark:Download the application
White heavy check mark :white_check_mark: Register with Username, password,and email address
White heavy check mark :white_check_mark:Wait for the confirmation link in your email inbox
White heavy check mark :white_check_mark:If you couldn’t find the link in your inbox just look for it in your spam folder
White heavy check mark :white_check_mark:After you confirm your account you can login and start working

Here’s how to use the app
:arrow_right:Claim Video Rewards
(It has timer of 15 minutes before you can view ads again)
:arrow_right:Share the application and get 3 VALOR reward
:arrow_right:Share app on Facebook and earn 3 CoinWolf reward
:arrow_right:Take surveys
(They have large wide selection of surveys)
:arrow_right:Trying new application

After performing the task you can receive your reward instantly.

Minimum payout
200 CoinWolf needed to cashout

Currency options

If you want to try here is the link:

Code: Myermische