Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?

When i read about cryptocurrencies for the first time was on September of 2017. A little bit late for the “ Bitcoin boom ” but just in time for the XMR (Monero) rise. I started looking for ways to mine XMR and all were deceptions, until i found CoinImp.

Today i’m going to tell you how you can make great profit from it:

What is CoinImp? CoinImp it’s the newest project of ABC Hosting LTD, which allows to webmasters to earn XMR coins (Monero) by using our script for mining.
The process consists basically in embedding a short JavaScript code which is provided for each site that have been added by webmasters from the dashboard at Coinimp.

How does CoinImp work? CoinImp is a javascript miner, which means that it provides a mining script that needs to be embedded into the web page of a desired website (preferably one with a large influx of visitors). Once placed the script, it will start using visitors CPU power when they are navigating through the website.

Check some of it’s features:

Lowest Fee in the market : CoinImp only take a 1% fee that can be easily recovered through the referral program.
Local miner : The local miner on the Dashboard let users mine using their own CPU, if the user wants to test the miner.
Referral Program : The referral program let the user invite any other person to create a CoinImp account, the reward for each referred user, is a 1% of their earnings (that comes from CoinImp pocket)
Simple Api Key : With the Simple Api Key, the users can add the code to any other app or website so they can check their hashes/rewards anywhere they want!
Not recognized by Adblock or any anti-virus : The Coinimp JavaScript miner is an inoffensive and secure script that is not recognized by Adblock (as an aggressive-intrusive ad that should be blocked) or any Anti-virus as a Malware.
24/7 Customer service : The CoinImp team is always ready to help or answer any doubt that the users may have on the Live chat; Support mailbox and Facebook page.

Interested? Visit CoinImp to get started today!