Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?

Canview Connect is a brand new survey panel operated by Canadian ViewPoint - a highly respected Canadian market research company.
Earn $3 for Joining
Join Canview Connect and your earnings by receiving a $3.00 joining bonus. Receive the bonus after fully registering, by completing the profile questions available in your account. Once complete, 300 bonus points (worth $3) will be added to your account. That’s 30% of the way to your first cashout!
High Payouts
Online surveys will range in length from as short as 1 minute up to 30 minutes in duration. The program advertises that it offers some of the highest compensation for surveys.
When a study becomes available, you’ll be emailed an invitation to complete the survey which will contain information including the survey’s topic, the length of the interview, and the amount of the incentive.
Tiered Redemption Levels
Canview Connect offers 4 different account statuses which will help you get paid faster. Cash payment cheques will be issued once you have earned enough points in your account. Rewards are processed within 48 hours of request.

  • Basic account (all users start at this level): Redemptions start at 1,000 points ($10)
  • Verified accounts (achieved after your first cashout): Redemptions start at 500 points ($5)
  • Premium accounts: Redemptions start at 100 points ($1)
  • Ambassador accounts: Redemptions start at 100 points ($1)