Cache Wallet App Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?

Earning more from your money shouldn’t be hard. Cache makes it easy.

Cache is the first blockchain based finance app of its kind, created to benefit you, not the big banks.

We’re definitely not your grandparents bank. In fact, we’re not a bank at all. We’re fintech.

And we’re here to revolutionize the way you earn, send, and spend your money.

Earn up to 2% a month. Every month.

Using a dual token system, Cache helps you passively earn up to 2% on your account balance each month.

No account fees. No minimum balance. Just your money, making more money, every single month.

You work hard for your money. It should work just as hard for you.

Instantly send money in any currency, for free.

There’s a better way to transfer money. Or split the bill. Or share expenses for your upcoming trip to Amsterdam. You get the idea.

Send money to anyone, in any currency, instantly and seamlessly.

No hidden fees. No transfer delays.

Basically, no BS.

Spend on what you (actually) love. coming soon

We’ve partnered with some of the most stellar brands out there to get you deals on the experiences and things you’ll actually love.

Your Cache Mastercard allows you to spend anywhere Mastercard is accepted, and get up to 15% cashback on your purchases.

Powered by blockchain.

Built on blockchain, Cache is the first finance app of its kind to provide secure, instant and frictionless transactions around the globe.

Why blockchain?

Blockchain is simple, safe and seamless. It enables you to instantly send and receive money, regardless of currency, without the fees of traditional banking.

Say goodbye to boring banking.
Create an account in under a minute.

  1. Earn

Add funds to your account, and receive up to 2% back on your account balance every month.

  1. Send

Send money to any other Cache user, in any currency, free of charge.

  1. Spend

Spend your returns on the experiences you love with our Cache Payment Card anywhere Mastercard is accepted. Coming soon

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