Brave Browser Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?

Brave is a free and open-source web browser developed by Brave Software, Inc. based on the Chromium Browser.

So, what’s the difference of BRAVE from other browsers like Chrome?

The browser blocks ads and website trackers so you won’t need any AdBlocker to install and it is also fast and convenient to use unlike Chrome taking up most of RAM. And the best part is, BRAVE pays you with Basic Attention Token (BAT) by using the browser!

BAT is listed on Coinmarketcap — CHECK HERE for price and data

Brave Rewards - Enable brave rewards and you will be viewed ads that earn you BAT. For US, France, UK, Canada, Germany users only!
Brave Referral - Refer others to earn $1 to $7.5 worth of BAT. See changes below!
Brave Tip Program - Get tipped from other users as long as you are a Brave Publisher

Withdrawal Options —> UPHOLD Wallet, see below

HOW TO START - Follow thoroughly!

  1. Download BRAVE BROWSER
  2. Start the browser and enable “BRAVE REWARDS” —> Hint: Just enter "brave://rewards/ " on Brave Browser
  3. Click on the BAT icon on Brave browser ----> Hint: Triangle icon next to Brave icon and the URL bar. You can see a notification if a BAT token is ready to be claimed.
  4. Go to "brave://rewards/ " and click the CLAIM button to claim BAT. Supplies are limited, if you don’t see any claim button, this would mean that all tokens are already claimed for this period - just check later again.
  5. Go to " brave://rewards/" again and view ads to earn free BAT tokens (Currently only available in US, France, UK, Canada, Germany)
  6. If you do not reside on the following regions, you can become a Publisher. Just sign-up with BRAVE PUBLISHERS
  7. Sign-up also with UPHOLD Wallet and click connect on the BRAVE PUBLISHERS. (Uphold is where Brave pays you)
  8. Go back to BRAVE PUBLISHERS and create a referral link by connecting your websites with BRAVE PUBLISHERS (Ex. Youtube, Twitch, etc)
  9. This enables you to be tipped by other users when they visit your websites.
  10. You can get up to 7.5$ worth of BAT per referred user.*