Bitseven Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?

Hello guys,this is leverage trade exchange that you alrdy know about if you are crypto trader…they offer up to 100x on BTC and up to 50x rest,instant deposit in a second,also you can go short and long in same time,you don t ned two accounts like on bitmex…most of the people dosent know that this exchange offers you more then bitmex/binance…for example if you came close to liquidation,you can add more funds on 1x leverage to protect position,without making whole position 1x,you just cut it in half…this is technique that makes you money with good strategy,so if you want to leverage trade go trought my link here (thanks) - - this is also fair exchanges that doesent run bots to liquidate you like a bitmex/binance…also this is high risk like every investment,use it on your own ! but if you like leverage this is the best exchange that you can trade on…deposit is only in btc,if you want to trade other cryptos here,you have exchange option which is free,you just need to exchange it back to BTC if you want withdraw,which is also free…tell me about your experiance when you start,good luck !