Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?

I have stumbled upon this site/app that pays you to watch videos.
10 MoviBits = $0.01
They pay through Ethereum with minimum payout amount of $10 and max of $500 equivalent of ETH.
All you need to do is watch their video, then you will see a CLAIM button while the timer runs down, you can claim 10 MoviBits every 80 seconds but you can opt to finish the whole video runtime and claim the MoviBits at a higher value.

Like if you watch a 30 minute video, so that’s 1800seconds. So that would earn you 225 MoviBits, that’s a total of about $0.225 or just $0.22, not sure about the rounding off. Or you can click the claim button every time 80seconds run off and you’ll get 10 MoviBits for that. It’s totally up to you which is your strategy.

I have just started today, so I can’t show you payment proof just yet.

Use my invite code: bitmovio-fJgd0 to get instant 500

how is your progres those days?