Biterest Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?

Crypto-backed loans let you save your bitcoins if you need to exchange them instantly to cash. Instead of selling bitcoin and losing the profit of the increasing BTC rate, you pledge your coins and get money.

I am using a P2P platform Biterest and can be your lender (someone who sends money). This platform does not control the user’s bitcoins, because it only provides a bitcoin multi-sig address 2/3 for storing collateral. So, both of us upload to Biterest our public keys, after that the platform generates the multisig address from the three public keys.

If you do not know how multisignature works, I suggest you watch this short video In a nutshell, no-one can use your collateral, because the address requires two private keys. After repayment, you receive the Biterest key and get collateral back. More information is given here

My username is Ccryptolord .
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