Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?

New BTC Mining website,
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Bitdeer’s “Free Mining Day” will kick off on December 13th, starting at 10:30:00 AM ( US Eastern Time )

This Free Mining Day event will last for three days till December 16th.
Event details and rules:
1 - Start buying at 10:00 a.m., December 13th, 2018 ( US Eastern Time ), limited one per person.
2 - During event, the 30 day plan is free = 0 computing power fee, 0 maintenance fee for 2 days.
3 - Pools will pay out when the minimum payment requirement is met. You can pay the maintenance fee to get a full service plan for the remaining days.
4 - Free plans are quantity limited, first come first serve.
5 - If any cheating occurs, Bitdeer will restrict the account that is in violation. Bitdeer has the final right in interpreting the rules for the event.
6 - Invite friends to buy and get a BTC bonus.
The clock is ticking, mark your calendar and wait the day comes!
Yours Sincerely.
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